Burglary Alarm System

The Burglary Alarm System (BAS) system is a series of electrical equipment’s and sensors connected to a main system that detects any unauthorized or forceful access in the premises and sends alerts to our 24-7 Central Monitoring Station which actively monitors and responds to every alarm activation. Our BAS is the most advanced in the market.  for communication of signals (triple layer defence) starting with IP and followed by SMS and DTMF.
We provide tailor-made alarm security solutions to Financial Institutions, telecom Industry, SMEs and residential locations.

Banking Industry

We offer financial institutions our burglary alarm system with cost-effective and comprehensive monitoring of all alarms, strong rooms, vaults, access doors etc. As they are exposed to the risks of robberies, hold-ups and other life safety issues.

Telecom Industry

Unexpected trouble can strike your business at any time. Your business could be in danger to internal and external theft. We provide you with a security solution and 24/7 monitoring through security devices installed in Battery Bank Cabinet (BBC), Base Transceiver Station (BTS) rooms and entire premises of the cell site and help to minimize downtime in sites.

Residential and SME

Protection of your family/business assets is our prime objective. With Protection One’s round the clock 24/7 monitoring and prompt response, you can rest assured about being secured from potential losses.

Factories and Warehouses

We offer our burglary alarm system to large warehouses and factories helping them to avoid threats of security to storage of stocks, which are valuable assets.