Energy Saving

Energy /Commercial power Management

Commercial power expenses goes unreconciled and causes about 15 to 25 % increase in power OPEX. We can reduce actual bill legally by making sure mistakes in calculation, extra load etc are removed.

We have proven capabilities to reduce these legally through:

  • Reconciliation of power bills along with Local Bodies.
  • Removal of illegal line losses and wrong load
  • Removal of illegal connection.
  • Catering billing issues, timely bill payment, Faulty Meter Issues.
  • Tprime site issues & Reconciliation.

Fuel Tracking Management

We offer fuel security services to corporates, SME’s, telecom and factories.

We help control fuel theft of fuel through:

  • Locking system- We provide a locking system for safety of Gensets/ tanks.
  • Calibrated Beakers- We allow pouring of fuels through our own calibrated beakers and ensure tanks are filled upto the accurate quantity.
  • On-site Supervision- We Supervise the entire process of pouring on site.
  • Fuel Usage Reporting- A report on the pouring processes is provided with sufficient proofs.