Installation The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

The Dockerfile contains instructions to Docker for building your app’s environment. Laravel has two famous caching back-ends called Memcached and Redis, but these are not the only options provided by the Framework. If you’re looking into web developing, you probably have heard of Vagrant boxes. They are disposable, which is a very important characteristic of theirs, because if you get a bug, you’re hacked or so on, you can destroy it and easily recreate it. Toptal makes finding a candidate extremely easy and gives you peace-of-mind that they have the skills to deliver.

laravel php developer

However, we believe Laravel is the best choice for building modern, full-stack web applications. Ultimately, you’ll need to grow your PHP, database management, teamwork, and development skills to succeed as an experienced Laravel developer. Laravel development is an excellent career choice for anyone who loves building web applications and wants to work with a robust framework. When hiring a Laravel developer, you’ll want to look for someone who can demonstrate problem-solving skills and the ability to use feedback to inform their design decisions.

How to Write a Laravel Developer Job Description for Your Project

As a Laravel developer, your employer will expect you to locate these problems, diagnose the underlying issue, and create a solution that solves the problem. A Laravel developer specializes in developing projects using the Laravel framework. This section will outline everything you need to be a Laravel programmer. You don’t need to understand the differences between the different Laravel versions to become a good Laravel developer. However, you’ll need to understand Laravel 8’s features, which we’ll cover in the ‘Laravel Features’ section. For more information on Laravel’s authentication features, check out the authentication documentation.

laravel php developer

The PHP Framework also contains some models for each table of database, that will help you insert query for data. It is called Eloquent ORM and it will make you feel like programming is a piece of cake, especially with the help of ActiveRecord implementation. This file is filled with different variants of tweaking the performance of these particular services. Basically, they configured the authentication services for you, you just need to find the best one for you.

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As a Laravel programmer, you’ll build various applications, including static, single-page (SPA), multi-page (MPA), dynamic, and portal web applications. By integrating Laravel with Docker and Docker-compose, developers can ensure a consistent environment throughout development, testing, and production stages. This not only eases the deployment process but also eradicates the common “it works on my machine” problem.

laravel php developer

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become an expert Laravel developer. That includes what Laravel development is, how it works, and the skills you’ll need when working as a developer. The framework allows you to work with a database query builder, which performs almost all of the needed operations when talking about web developing. The good thing is that it is universal, which means you can run it on any database system. Overall, the query builder is a quite efficient interface to create your queries on.

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As a discussion unfolds, unplanned and relevant follow-up questions often arise, leading to a deeper understanding of the candidate’s abilities and suitability for the project. A junior developer is well suited for a project that is relatively small or straightforward. For example, a developer can create a CRM from scratch using Laravel Jetstream, with minimum complexity, mainly using first-party packages.

They create modern applications and use innovative workarounds for issues in collaboration with their team of developers. Laravel can save web developers precious time, energy, and resources. The framework can make building web applications more efficient and effective, which can help developers advance their careers and build more innovative products.


Based on these numbers, we can see Canada, New Zealand, and the majority of western Europe offer comparable salaries to the United States. At the same time, Asian and African countries along Spain and Portugal list the lowest Laravel developer salaries. As a junior Laravel developer, you can expect to make $56K/year on average, according to Glassdoor.

For web developers and those who want to begin a web developer career, learning Laravel can add to their toolset and simplify web application development projects. BUT, one thing that sets them apart is their special affinity for the Laravel framework using the PHP programming language. Laravel developers make it possible to build highly functional web applications that elevates user experience. If you’re a senior developer, Laravel gives you robust tools for dependency injection, unit testing, queues, real-time events, and more.

PHP 8.1

Livewire is a modern way to build dynamic interfaces using server-rendered templates instead of a JavaScript framework. It combines the simplicity and speed of building a server-rendered application with the user experience of a JavaScript SPA. Note
If you would like a head start when developing your Laravel application, consider using one of our starter kits. Laravel’s starter kits provide backend and frontend authentication scaffolding for your new Laravel application. Since Laravel’s initial Beta release in 2011, its developers have released new versions of Laravel roughly every 6 to 12 months. When hiring a new developer, look for someone who can adapt to the latest versions of Laravel.

They can support your organization’s projects and ensure they’re completed efficiently. A TestGorilla skills assessment consists of selected skills tests that you can use to assess your Laravel developer candidates. This means you can easily test for soft and technical skills, even if you’re a non-technical recruiter.

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